Modern world is founded mainly in technological and industrial developments. We live surrounded by antennas, wi-fi signals, chemical products to clean, odorize and cook. For most people these are common-everyday items meant to make life easier, but a growing portion of the world population has developed and adverse reaction to these non-natural materials which makes them vulnerable and even worse: ill.

Multiple chemical sensibility (MCS) is a disease that affects mostly women who show extreme sensibility to certain substances present in the air, water and food such as: fragrances, perfumes, detergents, shampoo, fabric softeners, cosmetics, deodorants, cleaning products, insecticides, food additives, and many other industrial chemical-based products.

So, imagine a life in which everything surrounding you is hostile… MCS patients need to adapt their houses, eat organic, follow a strict protocol for cleaning their house and clothes and even move far away from civilization to be able to live a “normal” healthy life.

MCS affected people are letting us know that maybe, only maybe, what we have been considering as progress might be harmful to the natural essence and constitution of human beings.


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